CCE has formed different clubs that promote and support work towards specific social causes. The four clubs under this department include Human Rights Club, Peace Club, Red Ribbon Club, and Environment Club. The name of each club clearly specifies the nature of the work being done under it. Social service and upliftment of society go hand-in-hand at Chandigarh College of Education.

The College Club System is established to nurture specific talents and interests of students towards a socially relevant cause. The students have a choice of selecting any one of the 4 clubs operating in the college. Each club ensures the learners are provided with relevant exposure, skills and experience in their chosen domains. Over the year the clubs have the responsibility of maintaining bulletin boards, celebrating important days and conducting periodical activities for generating awareness in the students and society.

The Human Rights Club

Vision: The vision of human rights club is to visualize a comprehensive society where everyone takes responsibility to promote and preserve human rights.

Mission: Is to promote, preserve and implement human rights through effective institutional policy development, capability building and control of human rights violations.


  • To create awareness among students about Human Rights.
  • To develop individual personality & lead a decent and dignified life without infringing the rights of others.
  • To develop leadership qualities and Building confidence among the students.
  • To generate awareness about Human Rights violation issues.
  • To make our students as a good citizen of our country.
  • To promote a culture of Human rights and celebrates Human Rights day on 10th of December and Women’s day on 8th of March.
  • To raise awareness and take positive strides towards understanding social issues in an attempt to create a more humanitarian environment in the college.

The Peace Club

Vision: To build peaceful local, national and global communities.

Mission: To build peaceful relationships among people of all ages and cultures from personal to global through education , research and action.


  • To provide a strong platform, based on research and sound infrastructure, for educational, community and international activities.
  • To harness commitment and expertise, including the experience of our elders and the vitality of our youth.
  • To provide practical tools for peaceful living including skills and methods for conflict resolution and violence prevention.
  • To organize activities related to promotion of peace and celebrates International Peace day on 16th of September.
  • To promote interaction between young people from a variety of backgrounds to bridge the gaps for future and to help build a peaceful society.

The Red Ribbon Club

Vision : aiming at generating awareness about safe Blood donation among youth between the age of 17-25 yrs and taking precaution against HIV /AIDS.

Mission : Red Ribbon was created in 1991 by the Visual AIDS Artists Caucus, New York City, America .The color of red was then chosen as it symbolizes the color of Blood , the idea of ‘Passion’. The Red Ribbon is the international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness. By wearing a Red Ribbon care and concern for those living with HIV/AIDS is shown and also supporting the organizations that care for the HIV/AIDS infected patients.

Objectives :

  • To observe ‘The World AIDS’ day on 1st of December
  • To organise a blood donation camp once a year.
  • To instill life saving skills into youth to live better and healthier life
  • To provide training of various basic health aspects and helping adolescents too for achieving positive health.

The Environment Club

Mission : to create awareness of environmental issues, such as protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration, with an emphasis on educating and empowering students.

Vision : committed towards raising social awareness regarding environmental issues and thereby achieving sustainability objectives by changing students' attitude towards the environment by enlisting their active participation in club's activities.

Objectives :

  • To improve the environmental quality of our lives by educating, encouraging and providing resources for people to practice environmentally conscious habits.
  • To organize activities related to saving trees, controlling pollution and promoting a culture of environmental conservation.
  • To celebrate Environment day on 6th of June.
  • To make a difference in the society and our surroundings by propagating this awareness.

Social Welfare & Services

The college is committed to organizing social activities in association with some of the Private & Govt entities as the Red Ribbon Club, Punjab State AIDS Control Society, Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, Chandigarh, ICSSR, North Western Regional Center, Chandigarh, Red Cross Society, Punjab, NSS Department, Punjabi University, Patiala, Shri Guru Harkrishan Charitable Eye Hospital, Sohana, Council for Teacher Education (CTE), Yuvsatta (NGO), Chotti Si Aasha, etc.

Objectives :

  • To create positive social impact and how your students engage themselves with humanity. The social services conducted by the college aim to safeguard social cohesion and social solidarity and social inclusion.
  • To educate students in the knowledge, values, critical thinking, affect, and competency skills necessary for entry-level social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in diverse settings.
  • To educate students in ethical generalist social work practice with a focus on valuing diversity and difference, social and economic justice, and advocating with and on behalf of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in diverse settings.
  • To engage in improving the quality of life in the city of Buffalo and the larger community by means of experiential opportunities in diverse settings throughout the curriculum such as service learning, field practice, community events, and international projects.

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Quality education speaks for itself. CCE has remained in the top league from the very start and has accomplished across categories.

Nation Builder Award 2019 by Rotary Club, Punjab for valuable contribution to Nation Building

National Award for Innovative Practices in Teacher Education Institutions by NCERT, New Delhi in July 2019

InSPA, Pondicherry- P.K. Ssubbaraja trust best performance award for the contributions to promotion of School Psychology in India in 2020.


My Name is Rupinder Kaur. My experience at CCE was wonderful. Teachers of CCE are very helpful and co-operative. It boosted my knowledge & confidence. I am thankful to CCE for everything.

Rupinder Kaur

CTC:2.4 Lakh

Two years spent in B.Ed at CCE has been of paramount significance in my journey of becoming a teacher. It allowed me to become better each day. I feel lucky to have chosen CCE.

Sahil Arora

CTC:2.4 Lakh

I am grateful to Chandigarh College of Education for being an auspicious part of my life. The beautiful experience with the teachers and classmates is something that will be cherished until the end of time.

Amit Jaiswal

CTC:3 Lakh

My journey with CCE has been fulfilling. From outstanding infrastructure to commendable teachers, everything has helped me to achieve my dreams. I thank the college for giving me the platform to showcase my skill and talent.

Anjali Sharma

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The time spent at CCE was memorable. It has helped me in developing a positive attitude towards my studies. CCE has a competent faculty which is very co-operative. They make sure every class is fun, educational, and interactive.

Alpana Sharma

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